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...is an Architectural, and Solar Energy, Design Consultancy
that focuses on our clients' needs to provide effective cost-efficient design solutions.

Our Consultancy is a team collaboration of Licensed Architects, Designers, 
Solar Energy Experts, and our clients, to address their projects' needs.

Published & Exhibited Design-Build Work on "Ecological Design"
 at the Expo2000 Hannover, Germany; Courtesy: Expo200Hannover, Germany

 …to support our core services above, we provide:

…at competitive market rates:
CAD Services & Full Permitting Services on: 
Solar PV Electric, Solar Thermal, Architectural & Civil works;  
Pre-sale PV & Thermal Consulting; 
Cost Estimating.

…at below market rates:


  ...assisting upgrade low-income/senior citizen homes thru’  quality 
Sustainable-Design Ideas & Implementation of Energy-efficiency Measures.

     And we give Back to the Community thru':

 Internships & Mentoring; Public Service & Volunteering; Pro Bono Services.

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